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Rick leaves Morales a gun, a box of ammo and a walkie-talkie in case he changes his mind.

Ironically, Morales - now a Saviour - could now be pointing that same gun at Rick with the episode ending as the two realise they've met each other before.

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The defense attorney for Dimarzio Sanchez has filed a motion for a new trial in the case of the June 2016 murder of Roylynn Rideshorse.

Dimarzio Sanchez was found guilty of first-degree murder aiding and abetting in the case.

The National Weather Service Missoula says to expect more snow throughout Friday and late into Saturday.

Lookout Pass could see 8-12 inches, Lost Trail Pass could see 4-6 inches, and lower elevations in Kalispell, Missoula and Philipsburg could see 1-2 inches. Bleachers in the Darby School's gymnasium were packed on Thursday night with parents concerned about recent threats, allegedly made toward students and the school, as well as the safety of their children.

A family was able to escape a blaze this morning in Great Falls after a portion of their garage caught fire.

Several agencies, including Great Falls Fire Rescue, responded to the call on 18th Avenue SW around 8 Saturday morning.

Team USA’s Gus Kenworthy is leaving the Winter Olympics with a new rescue pet, once again.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Kenworthy announced Friday that he and his boyfriend, actor Matthew Wilkas, visited one of South Korea’s 17,000 dog meat farms during the Winter Olympics and rescued a puppy named Beemo.

Police are crediting another woman with preventing it from happening. (AP) — Yellowstone National Park plans to increase security after fences were damaged at a bison capturing facility outside the park, in one case undoing efforts to certify the bison hadn't been exposed to a wildlife disease and could be transferred to an Indian reservation. Two brothers separated as babies have been brought back together in Spokane by the power of the internet.

Our sister station, KHQ, sat down with them after they met in person for the first time in more than 50 years.

After ambushing a Saviours outpost with Daryl, Rick - at the top level of the building - is helf at gunpoint by Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja). Morales is one of the first characters Rick meets way back in season one episode 'Guts' after he's rescued from the tank in Atlanta by Glenn.

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