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While at school, Shawn and Belle were tempted to have sex but eventually decided to wait until marriage.

Shortly after, Belle left Salem for a short time to take care of some business for her father, John Black's, company in Italy when the Salem Stalker began committing numerous murders in town.

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Shawn-Douglas Brady has been played by Jason Cook (October 15, 1999 - September 22, 2006) and Brandon Beemer (September 28, 2006 - March 21, 2008).

Belle Black has been played by Kirsten Storms (August 5, 1999 - July 16, 2004), Charity Rahmer (July 19, 2004 - August 9, 2004) and Martha Madison (August 10, 2004 - March 21, 2008).

Jan blamed Belle for the baby's death, and Shawn believed Jan's claim that the miscarriage was caused by the argument.

Belle was hurt that Shawn thought she was capable of something so horrible.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart have been at odds for the past few weeks after Steward criticised Paltrow's lifestyle website, GOOP.

But Paltrow has finally spoken about the rivalry and claims she is flattered to be considered Stewart's competition.

While trapped, Shawn was subjected to Jan's brainwashing by telling him that Belle had moved on with Philip and showing him video of the friends spending time together. When Shawn finally escaped from Jan's clutches, he had a motorcycle accident and lost part of his memory.

He had no recollection of Jan's deception, he actually believed her to be his girlfriend, but he remembered the videos of Belle and Philip and believed that Belle had moved on.

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