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Also born about 1790 in North Carolina according to the 1850 census was Wm. He was living on 25 July 1850 in Calloway County, Kentucky in the household of a younger Wm. 1790, BURKE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA A name which looks like perhaps Hana Phips or Gara Phips or something similar appears in the 1790 census in Burke County.This is probably “Hana,” since the household consisted only of 2 females. 1790, SURRY COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA Matthew Phipps (as spelled) is listed in the 1790 census in Surry County with 1 male age 16 or older, 2 males under 16, and 2 females. 1790, WILKES COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA Sam Fips (as written) appears in the 1790 census in Wilkes County with 1 male age 16 or older (so born about 1774 or earlier), 2 males under 16, and 4 females.

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1778, COUNTY UNKNOWN, NORTH CAROLINA John Phips is listed as a private in the Continental Army during the Revolution in , Vol. In that census, he was living on 20 August 1850 in Mc Dowell County. Then it was created from parts of Burke and Rutherford Counties.

ABOUT 1781, NORTH CAROLINA The 1850 census shows Dudley Phipps, born about 1781 in North Carolina.

ABOUT 1791, NORTH CAROLINA According to the 1850 census, George Phipps was born about 1791 in North Carolina.

He was living on 12 November 1850 in Woodford County, Illinois.

1719, CHOWAN COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA As abstracted, the 31 March 1719 will of Benjamin Ricks was witnessed by John Phipps. In this Chowan County will, land is mentioned which was on the Notaway River. John Phipps and Jacob Phipps are named in the will. A supposedly unusually early record for the Phipps family in this part of the country is, as transcribed and indexed, a marriage bond dated to what appears to be [20? There are two problems with this record, however: First of all, the record never refers to anyone named Daniel Phipps. Careful examination makes it clear that the date is 1850, with only a very minimal loop at the bottom of the “8.” Other records refer to Samuel W.

Other witnesses were Bridget Rogers and Mary Rogers. The will is abstracted in Grimes (see 1719 CHOWAN COUNTY, above) at p. Presumably the reason for the will’s appearance in North Carolina is that it refers to a plantation in Cape Fear. Phipps as having married the woman named in the bond, Jane Stuart, in 1850, not 1750.

That census shows him in Guilford County, North Carolina on 26 September 1850.

1788, CRAVEN COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA Joseph Fipps married Anne Kemp according to a county typescript listing of marriage bonds.

The 1850 census also indicates that James Phipps was born about 1790 in North Carolina.

He is shown as living in Madison County, Georgia on 25 November 1850. Calloway County, Kentucky is adjacent to Stewart and Henry Counties in Tennessee.

Wilmington and the Cape Fear River are locations which became central in the Stamp Act crisis in North Carolina, with Capt. Phipps, who was of England and not America, appears to have sailed from Virginia, reaching Ft. 1769, GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA Isaiah Phips, who signed his name with an X, received pay for his service in the Granville County militia, as recorded 7 October 1769. A transcribed tax list for Granville County in the same year, 1769, shows Isaiah Phipps, with 1 white listed.

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