Web scam

We aslo suggest this company should change another name but they stick to this name so if your company want to prevent anybody from using these domains, the only way is to register these CN/ASIA domains and internet keyword.

Web scam-35

We can send an application form and the price list to you and help you register these within dispute period.

Kind regards John General Manager Shanghai Office (Head Office) 3002, Nanhai Building, No.

So far they’d set the scene: They’d heavily implied someone was going to take my company name and start using it, creating brand confusion, but they’d not yet presented a way to get money out of me.

So, I carried on playing along: Lin, I believe that if you persist in using the name you will only confuse my customers and yours, making it more difficult for my customers to find my website.

In order to deal with this matter better, so we send you email and confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in China or not?

Best Regards John General Manager Shanghai Office (Head Office) 3002, Nanhai Building, No.Over at Hoax Slayer other people have reported, pretty much word for word, the exact same emails I have shown here. But I carried on playing along, curious to see how much he wanted to fleece me for: Dear Matt , The checking time will be over soon, we have not received your reply about the domain name and internet keyword since our last communication.You must know domain name takes open registration, this is international domain name registration principle. As a domain name registrar, we have no right to refuse their application.854 Nandan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200070, China Tel: 86 216191 8696 Mobile: 86 1870199 4951 Fax: 86 216191 8697 Web: from a legitimate source that simply hasn’t taken the time to find out more about the company.I figured it had to be suspect, but gave them the benefit of the doubt to see where this was heading: Hello John, I’m not 100% sure I am understanding your question fully.Bao Yuan are in no way associated with Squelch Design, today is the first time I heard the name.

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