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Garnier is a serial entrepreneur who previously co-founded a kid-focused flash-sales site called Totsy (assets acquired by Modnique after investors turned down a $75 million acquisition offer in 2012, Garnier says), and a digital marketing agency called m Smart before that.

He explains that the idea to build yet another service targeting moms came directly from the time he spent at Totsy.

As if everyday webcam hacking weren’t shocking enough, this case apparently involves a webcam that was hacked without the telltale camera light coming on to indicate that it was recording.

This is how Ms Wolf tells it: But if it’s unlikely to suffer a webcam hacking that manages to turn off the camera’s “on” light, plain old vanilla webcam hacking that leaves the light on isn’t very unlikely at all.

That, evidently, won’t stop remote hackers of webcams who manage to turn off the camera light via accessing its software.

But given that, as Chet notes, such a hack is unlikely, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on the light.There was also confusion about the law’s requirements when one or both parties have been drinking.The text of the law says that “depending on the degree of intoxication,” a student might not be able to consent. Better still, cover it with a patch – a tiny piece of black tape, say, or a sticker or bandage – when you’re not using the camera. Wolf, for her part, has said that she’s prepared for another attack by putting a sticker over her webcam when it’s not in use.Nice going on your cybercrime defense education work, Ms.“I was in constant communication with the mother’s audience [at Totsy],” says Garnier.

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