Updating ssn after marriage

Name change laws vary from state to state but, typically, any adult aged 18 or older may ask the court for a name change as long as the purpose is not to defraud creditors or flee from criminal charges.If a woman wants to use her first husband's name after divorcing her second husband, the procedure will depend on whether she has used the name before and whether the divorce has been finalized.If you wish to legally have your name changed after you get married, you'll need to fill out an Application for a Social Security card and take it to the nearest Social Security Administration center along with documents that prove your name change — in this case, an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate. You'll also need to present proof of your identity, such as a driver's license, state-issued identification card or United States passport.

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Updating ssn after marriage

Your Social Security number remains the same throughout your lifetime.

The name attached to your Social Security number can change, however, if you go follow the right procedures.

However, the doctrine of coverture has some twenty-first-century holdovers.

One is that a woman traditionally, if not legally, takes her husband's last name after she marries.

The specific method you'll need to use to change your name depends on your state of residence so consult local laws before attempting to change your name.

In most states, name changes are accomplished through the State Court, Superior Court or Family Court and require a petition for name change or a court order.

And because I want to help a fellow sister out, I thought I’d give you the skinny on what I did to make changing my name at the DMV a piece of cake. ) Here are my top 3 tips for changing your name at the DMV.

Before you attempt to change your name ANYWHERE—be it with the DMV, your bank, your insurance company, or anywhere else—you’ll need to have it changed with the Social Security Administration (SSA) in order to have your Social Security number (SSN) reflect your new name.

When I arrived at my local office, I walked up to what I thought was the general line—which, at a.m., was already 40 people deep.

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