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Laura Fraser is an award-winning journalist who writes about justice, politics and the human experience.

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On weekends, the Toronto native can be found in hiking boots, on skis, or guarding home plate for The Hazzards.

Forty years ago, Yonge Street was better known as the Sin Strip — an artery of downtown Toronto that was home to dozens of strip clubs and body rub parlours, a legal grey zone to which politicians and police often turned a blind eye.

"We were targeted for harassment, we were targeted for violence.

I think because the murder was so horrific and people were so angry, there was so much blame to go around that it spilled over to us," said Scott, who is now the legal co-ordinator for Sex Professionals of Canada.

The brothers used their collective earnings to help their parents support them and the five siblings with whom they'd left Portugal 3½ years earlier.

Instead, Betesh, Robert Kribs and Joseph Woods were involved in tying Emanuel up, sexually assaulting him and then drowning him in a sink at Charlie's Angels massage parlour, according to evidence presented in court in the winter of 1978.According to , which has covered the Brown case extensively, advocates for a change in the law cite scientific studies showing that adolescents lag behind adults in development of the parts of the brain that regulate aggression, abstract thinking and long-term planning.In addition, advocates cite research on the impact of early childhood trauma on brain development.(Alex Kalnins/Canadian Press) "The murder occurred and there was a tremendous public outcry, and this presented a political opportunity for people who, for years, had been trying to find ways to manage or regulate the sex industry on Yonge Street," said Ross, who wrote his dissertation on the evolution of the Toronto landmark.Police began nightly raids of the massage parlours that populated the Yonge Street strip.Monday was not the first time people have spoken out about Brown’s sentence.

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