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They form an essential basis for the development of comprehensive geological datasets and models in the domains of natural hazards, geo-energy and raw materials, as well as for dealing with issues relating to the environment.

The cantons are responsible for the operational management of the cadastral survey.

Presentations from past colloquia are archived here.

Basic geological data in digital form are primarily used for carrying out modern geological analyses and exploring the underground.

In the closely related areas of official cadastral surveying and the Cadastre of public-law restrictions on landownership (PLR Cadastre), the federal government is responsible for strategic management and overlying supervision.

The office responsible for these tasks is the Federal Directorate of Cadastral Surveying, while the relevant cantonal authorities are responsible for official cadastral surveying and the PLR Cadastre.

In the field of engineering surveying, swisstopo provides a broad variety of services, ranging from the development of fundamental GNSS networks and the operation of permanent GNSS stations, through to the analysis of deformations in dams, gravity calculations and gyroscopic measurements.

Here the focus is on demanding surveying tasks calling for the highest possible degree of accuracy and reliability.

It often determines our life and actions without being noticed.

Verbal communication in association with topographic objects is difficult to imagine without the use of names.

You can use the FINELTRA data viewer to assess the precision of the transformation between the LV03 and LV95 global reference frames and thereby evaluate the accuracy of positioning with swipos® in the LV03 reference frame (service LV03/LN02).

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