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If you can smile and talk smoothly and be charming when you meet a stranger of the opposite sex then world is full of women. you seem to have forgotten to add a link where men can go 'for more information.'i can recall reading something about speed dating where something like less than half of women who filled out exit surveys would follow up with any man she met there.A) Show the men a preview of the women who would be attending the event.Not that they would, but it's nice if that option were open. Because sometimes the planners are wide open to age ranges, or think that 15 years difference is okay for everyone, so you go in at 35 and everyone there is pushing 50.

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Hold on, keep the puffs for someone else, I forgot I have the best stuff in the world at my disposal. As far as time and money go, it's very cost effective!

Plus, men could increase their chances for getting dates by joining because the female to male ratio is almost 2:1.

Some need more than 5 minutes to just stop stuttering when they look at a pretty gal.

The guys that speed dating works great for really do not need speed dating at all.

He likes to learn about the place and try to pass himself off as a resident and always comes up with a story about who he is. He doesn't feel all that bad though because he finds that a lot of the girls there came in a group and they just wanted to try it for shits and giggles. No, but speed dating does usually charge for either entrance or if you come back and want the phone number of a person you choose. Parade em around, you check their hoofs and teeth, then you both pay for a number. And the only reason you went in there was to try and get a woman's phone number. You jut pay $35 and maybe you got a number, maybe not. As first impressions are usually formed within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone.

The rest of the time is spent either reinforcing that first impression, or having to break it down, overcome it, and build a new impression (and that can take months maybe years).

B) Only charge the full if a match takes place.

No man wants to pay if he thinks the women there might be unattractive---and even if they were raving beauties, he would still not want to pay unless he felt reasonably sure some of the women would be interested in him.

Charge him - to attend the event, and another IF a match occurs.

To be honest, for 35 bucks, you can go to the grocery store buy a bbq'ed chicken from the deli, salad, milk, bread and eggs for the morning and introduce yourself to more women than you will at any speed dating thing.

Although I would say it's more cost effective in time as compared to online dating.

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