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Tip 8: Modify assignments to make them more accessible to every student.We’ve talked as a 7th grade team about the easiest ways to modify assignments for our students.Tip 3: Create a one-page spreadsheet of students’ reading levels.

Two days a week, we have independent reading time where students get to enjoy a text of their choice at their independent reading level.

I trained both of the paraprofessionals on how to conduct a reading conference and then split our students up into four groups, so that the four educators in the room were each responsible for conducting a reading conference with each student at least once a week.

With so many students at different levels, it can feel nearly impossible to modify each and every assignment all of the time.

While we often use the modification cheat sheet mentioned in Tip 2, I find myself using sentence starters, word banks, leveled texts, and cloze notes most frequently for my students who are English language learners and struggling readers.

A team member who was more familiar with IEPs and our students guided us through the process, and each educator who worked directly with that student completed an IEP At-a-Glance sheet to use in our own practice.

We discussed annual goals, suggested modifications, and strategies that have been successful with each student in the past.

In the middle are all of our students’ names in the respective spaces, based on the modifications that work best for them.

At the bottom of the page, in a separate chart, are the students listed by their IEP and/or ELL classification.

I also print out a copy of the lesson plan for each of them so it’s accessible when they come to class.

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