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I don't really see how me missing him, and whatnot don't let us just be really close friends either.

Some friends are always together without sucking each others dicks ya know. You would run away with his pants and shoes too (great way to double your wardrobe - if he is the same size as you ; )I am kind of curious where this question is coming from OP.

I'd see how I really felt while dating the other person.

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If however, you feel romantically inclined to another guy or person of your own sex, then by all means discover what that is.

I prefer the squeeze, the romantic notion, and yes the banging of a woman.

I personally have never been attracted to women, but maybe I would be if I felt that way about a female. Hi, I would certainly persue the feelings i have for this person.

I've experienced many things against my grain so it could be possible. I think in my opinion that love is love and would want to discuss, explore and find out exactly what we were feeling towards each other. I have feelings of love for all my close female friends, and even some of the not so close ones.

I can't see what would stop me if all the feelings are right, and what not.

I would have to feel sexually attracted to him though, and I'm not sure that's possible for a straight man.

I can't relate to sending hi or wink as a text message as a turning point to falling in love with anyone. If both are indeed 100% straight as you stated then, there will be no physical attraction.

If you think you are in love beyond the love you have for a close friend or a family member they you may want to start admitting to yourself that you have been in denial about being 100% straight your entire life. Keep them rolling in but STICK TO THE ORIGINAL question. Not a what should I do, a what has happened to people you know, or a is it possible for a straight girl/guy to fall in love with girl/ guy, ................ What would YOU do if you found yourself in this situation? Two guys that are 100% straight don't send winks to each other (or is this a "metrotexter" thing I am unaware of ? Without physical attraction you simply have a friend you like (but certainly not in a physical way).

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Then expect your world to change, as unfortunately others will get involved to tell you it is unacceptable.

Say you meet someone the same sex as you and the two of you become really good friends. Personally, it matters not who you love, as long as you love. I do not think I could ever be attracted to another woman to the point that I would want to be in a physical relationship.

If I did find I was sexually attracted to a woman, then I'd be bi-sexual and I think I probably would have known that already.

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