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Once upon a time in 2002, there was a little show on MTV called "Newlyweds." Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson shared their lives as a newly married couple with the world, and we learned a great deal from them.If it weren't for this show, would we know for sure if it was chicken or tuna in our cans of Chicken of the Sea? Unfortunately, the pair did not last the test of time and eventually divorced in 2006.But he had little evidence to back up his suggestion.

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This week, we're looking at two ridiculously telegenic actors who've starred in teen soap operas, albeit in different decades: Jason Priestley and Blake Lively.

One starred as the swoony high school hunk in the landmark '90s series "90210," the other, the swoony high school babe in the aughts' "Gossip Girl." So!

For example, Linked In users can set up an introduction -- through a direct connection -- with someone they’d like to meet.

On Twitter, a network is created when users follow each other.

Without further ado: Who: Jason Priestley and Blake Lively Jason Priestly dated "Teen Witch" actress Robyn Lively, who is Blake Lively's older sister!

Degrees of Separation: 1 Does the Kevin Bacon Theory Hold? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to check back next week for our weekly series that pits one trending celebrity against the next.Over 60,000 participants created 24,000 e-mail chains, but less than 400 messages reached their marks.However, researchers did find that the successful e-mails took an average of just five to seven steps to reach their targets.He found that people, who successfully completed the task, did so with a chain of six or fewer connections.One of the more recent attempts to prove we are closely connected was in 2003.Bacon realized he could do the same thing with charitable organizations.

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