Singapore breaks speed dating world record datingpersonali com

SINGAPORE - Last week's cool spell was the longest in the Republic for at least a decade, weather experts said on Thursday (Jan 18).

"In the last 10 years, there was no cold spell of five days or more with minimum temperatures between 21 deg C and 22 deg C," the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) told The Straits Times.

Now, Complete Me specialises in 1-to-1 rotation speed dating events at romantic dining venues, as such events have proven to be more effective at bringing couples together.

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Last week's surge led to five days of cool but rainy weather, prompting some people to break out their winter wear.

Satellite images showed that wind speeds picked up significantly last Wednesday as temperatures in Singapore fell to 22.8 deg C.

A Social Development Network (SDN) accredited dating practitioner and experienced dating coach, Michelle has organised more than 130 dating events since 2007.

She knows of at least three couples who got to know each other at her events and who are well on the way to matrimonial bliss.

Restaurant owner Francis Ng, 44, for example, bought blankets to distribute to seniors who sleep on the streets.

The cool spell experienced in the Republic last week was the longest here in at least a decade, records from the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) show.

Michelle graduated from the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Business Administration. Michelle has been invited to share her insights on dating on The Straits Times, Today, My Paper, Channel News Asia, Newsradio 938, Her World, Nuyou and L’Officiel.

She has also appeared on online TV channels such as Click Network and Happy-TV.

She is also a certified dating and relationship coach.

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