Simplepie not updating

Important This release marks the last normal patch update for Expression Engine 3.With the release of Expression Engine 4, v3 is now Legacy software and will only receive critical bug fixes such as security patches and protections against dataloss, for one year. However, when I use your module (the Simple RSS Feed Reader) the pages breaks and the error described in this feed comes up.

So there are two ways to work with feeds in Word Press, and in both functions, the data is cached.

But this is not always wanted, so I show how to take influence on caching of the two functions.

Before Magpie RSS has been used, which in many cases was not available and the development is rather slow.

For some time Simple Pie is no longer be maintained by the developer, which worried the developer community.

I opened the file includes/simplepie/and did a Replace All of "Simple Pie" to "Simple Pie2".

Then I changed line 41 of from: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Simple Pie in /home/elizabet/public_html/modules/mod_jw_srfr/includes/on line 397 RSS issues to solve 1) upgrade to Joomla verson is 1.5.18.

Played with it a bit more, and didn't have the error again as long as NO other RSS feed modules were enabled. So it looks like g Calendar by Allon Moritz is conflicting with your Simple RSS reader.

Any page where they both try to pull in data will result in errors.

It uses the cache of Word Press and can be controlled via a hook.

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