Simon rex dating 2016

Riff Raff joined Soulja Boy's SODMG label before they met in person; no paperwork was ever signed.

However, Riff Raff still wore the imprint's chain, got its logo tattooed, and again adjusted his stage name, this time to Riff Raff SODMG.

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which feature tracks produced by Mike Chek Music, "Freeze Dried", "Obtuse Angle".

It was followed by the release of the mixtape, Birth of an Icon, in August, which was listed by Stereogum as their "Mixtape of the Week." Following the release of his mixtape Hologram Panda with producer Dame Grease, Riff Raff told MTV that his upcoming Mad Decent second studio album would be titled Riff Raff, The Neon Icon, later shortened to Neon Icon.

He attended Langham Creek High School, where he was shooting guard on his school's basketball team, before dropping out in his senior year.

After his parents divorced, his father was diagnosed with tonsil cancer and the family moved to Duluth, Minnesota to get his father out of the heat into a cooler environment.

Some time before the official split Riff Raff affiliated with producers such as Diplo and Harry Fraud, as well as with Queens rapper Action Bronson.

The music video he released for his collaboration with Fraud and Bronson, "Bird on a Wire," hit the one million plays-mark in roughly two months.

He was formerly a member of the rap group Three Loco along with Andy Milonakis and Dirt Nasty, who reunited on Riff's Balloween 2016 Halloween mixtape performing "Bitches in my Driveway".

The trio premiered a Christmas parody song, "Ho-Ho-Loco", in the TBS Surprise! The group was featured in a Nerdist Industries production mixing DJ Khaled and Game of Thrones together, remaking the quadruple-platinum, "I'm the One", into "It's My Throne" with the trio playing characters from the HBO show.

Riff Raff took advantage of social media on Myspace, You Tube and World Star Hip Hop in late 2008, releasing songs, freestyle-videos, and sketch clips, which showcased his talent at slapstick and performance art.

He did this with the help of his first talent manager, DB da Boss, whose studio provided recording and video services.

The deal was for 500,000 along with a Beartrap Sounds chain and an announcement of an album coming out in fall 2018 titled, "Pink Python".

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