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Best Buys The best things to buy here are shoes and small-time electronics. The shop keep will be able to tell that you really want it, and you'll have a harder time not making concessions on the price.

Shoes start at RMB300-400 but can be bargained to RMB60-80. If you feel like the price keeps going up, but your heart is set on an item, remind yourself that you're in a giant complex with hundreds of identical stalls hawking identical goods. Remember that and don’t get offended or frustrated because the shop keeps you’re haggling with are pros.

So without any further ado, here is our updated guide to fake markets in Shanghai.

( If you're hunting for Chinese street fashion but can only spend a few hours; the Qipu Lu Market is your place.

Look out for Abercrombie & Fitch polo-style shirts, kids' Ugg boots, mini-drones, panda plush toys. Prices vary depending on the quality and range from RMB50 to RMB150. Yankees or Dodgers caps can go for as low as RMB30 if you bargain hard.

Sandals, flats and sneakers are plentiful and start at RMB50. Beats headphones set you back RMB80, while Beats mini-loudspeakers are only RMB40.

Evade your student loan lenders, get yourself a plane ticket and start living like a king. --- As of the latter half of 2016, Han City (aka Fenshine Fashion or Taobao City), the earlier shrine for fake brands is now closed, but don't fret.

If you're gonna live like royalty here in this great country, then you gotta look like royalty, too, right? There are still plenty of fake markets in Shanghai.

From the latest female fashion to knockoff sportswear, men’s jeans, fake couture bags, children’s toys, sneakers and cheap cosmetics, Qipu Lu is the best option for a shopping spree into the style . The next few floors stock the latest women’s and men’s wear.

The Stuff Inventory here skews more toward the female shopper. A new wardrobe from their discounted rack: Chinese, day-glow, no-name brand sneakers, RMB25; Chinese-style socks and underwear, RMB10; skinny jeans (remember, China sizes only), RMB40; graphic tees printed with hilarious English verbiage, RMB30; springtime leather jackets, RMB95. The next floor: kidswear and often household appliances.

The Stuff Compared to Qipu, there’s less fake stuff which means more unique pieces. One floor down you'll find a wedding market full of glittery princess dresses, too. Check out the top floors Essentially every floor has the same stuff, yes, but far fewer customers have the time and energy to make their way to the top floors. If a jersey starts at RMB300, start the counter-proposal at RMB30, be prepared for the onslaught of eye-rolling and the looks of exasperation, then slowly edge up.

You can find unbranded ladies sneakers, organic makeup, NYC jerseys and more. There, you'll find more amenable stall owners, a bit more willing and eager to make a sale. Whatever you do, don't get too attached -- or at least appear too attached -- to an item before you start bargaining for it.

Goods include youth fashion, including mostly women’s wear, shoes and accessories. If you know what you’re looking for, you can be in and out in 20 minutes. Pro-tip: Naturally, the ground floor stalls get the most foot traffic, simply by virtue of the fact that people walk in, spot what they want right away, and make their purchase.

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