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I grab chunks of her ass and remove her lingerie top as she starts dirty talking with her boyfriend, making him think they are having phone sex but it’s just a cover so she can enjoy me fucking her without having to hang up and without her boyfriend suspecting something is going on!

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Bring money for a Whopper, three chicken fries, and a Diet Coke”? A lot of you might justify texting by saying you’re “testing the water.” Listen, cuz, if you’re the type who needs to “test the water” over text before you can gauge whether a woman is interested in you, here’s a spoiler: she’s not. And then you have nowhere to go from there until you meet up in person. Because, again, even if you play “text game” completely perfectly, you still have to meet in person and prove yourself in person.

I’ve never seen or even heard of ANYONE who was a confident, fun guy who needed to “gauge a woman’s interest by texting her.” Know how the confident fun guys gauge a woman’s interest? Because, honestly, if you get a girl so hot and bothered that she’s willing to sext you, why the hell haven’t you been doing that in person so you can both have ACTUAL sex?! More often it’s the story that comes out after you’ve had one or ten too many beers and now you’re crying because your dad doesn’t understand you. And all the rapport you could build over 2 hours of texting could be done in 20 minutes of face to face, Rico Suave style interaction.A couple of hours later she comes asking me for money, and she knows how to get it. She gets on her back on the couch, spreads her legs wide open, hikes up her sexy dress, pulls her panties aside and lets me fuck her in missionary position.“Come on daddy, don’t you want to fuck your hot whore daughter? ” Just that this time, I don’t tell her when I’m about to cum and I surprise her by cumming inside her pussy, leaving her with a sticky creampie oozing from her slit! She has a crush for older guys and I guess I have a thing for sexy teen step daughters! ” It’s hot watching her trying to keep up the conversation while I finger fuck her and she tries to hold back from cumming. Sometimes daddy needs to give daughter a mouth full of sperm and fuck her tiny little pussy.She gets on her knees and smiles as I blast hot spunk all over her lovely face, I love giving her facials!

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