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There were other beginnings, true, but this one was his own. He rolled up the hems of his blue denim breeches and stepped with bare dirty feet into the shallow spring. It oozed softly between them and over his bony ankles.

He liked to think that no one came here but himself and the wild animals and the thirsty birds. The water was so cold that for a moment it burned his skin.

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Oliver had been very particular to have the cross-bar round and smooth, he remembered. He climbed it and cut a twig as even as a polished pencil.

He selected a palm frond and cut two strips of the tough fiber, an inch wide and four inches long.

The wild bees had found the chinaberry tree by the front gate.

They burrowed into the fragile clusters of lavender bloom as greedily as though there were no other flowers in the scrub; as though they had forgotten the yellow jessamine of March; the sweet bay and the magnolias ahead of them in May.

Dogs were the same everywhere, and oxen and mules and horses. "Reckon it's because they can't move none," he decided. There was a whirlpool where the water rose from the earth. Beyond the bank, the parent spring bubbled up at a higher level, cut itself a channel through white limestone and began to run rapidly down-hill to make a creek.

The creek joined Lake George, Lake George was a part of the St.

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