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Last time I was in Paris, I was sitting alone in a café when a Frenchman in head-to-toe Lycra blew in.

He was unshaven, long-haired and handsome in a soul-in-torment sort of way.

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This bustling city is certainly no hole in the wall.

It is situated across the Rhine River (Germany is on the other side).

Antonin Scalia was born in Trenton, New Jersey to an Italian immigrant family.

After graduating from Georgetown University and Harvard law school, he worked at a law firm and taught law before entering a life of public service.

Scalia's body was taken from the Sunset Funeral Homes to the airport in El Paso Sunday afternoon after his family decided a private autopsy wasn't necessary and requested his remains be flown as soon as possible.

The 'El Presidente' suite at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, where Scalia's body was found Saturday morning.They've got a huge database of available singles, their site makes it easy to connect no matter where you're from (including if you're traveling and wanting to meet someone), and it's just plain free (unless you want limit who looks at your profile, and other non-essential features).I had the most luck on Ok Cupid while in France with actually meeting people to have a relationship with (a surprising 100% success rate), although admittedly it did take some weeding through, and I most definitely recommend hacking your profile to meet someone fantastic.Troopers and deputies with the Barren County Sheriff's Office are staying on site until they arrive.'We're trying to mark everything now,' Hodges said Sunday evening.Simply log on to our website to improve your love life instantly!

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