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Later that night she called me and she said she loves me very much and whole day she was thinking of me only.Now all romantic chat like boyfriend and girlfriend more like husband wife started and we made a plan to meet when she is alone at home.

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Later after sometimes she said that I think this is all wrong and I’m married lady and it will be the problem for me. I had no other option but to say yes and I was all sad and it was all over my face. So I said its ok I understand your problems but I love you and just want to see you happy and all and did all this drama.

She also said I love you too but I am scared as I’m a married lady and have family but let me think on this and whole day I was thinking what will be her answer and whether all my dreams will come true after this many years.

So she said no I don’t think it’s friendship and you will have to say then we were like both knew the answer but none of us wanted to tell it first.

Finally she said it’s like hum-Tum’ movie, both of us know the answer but none of us want to tell. She said yes, I think we are in love, why don’t you love me?

But now after 2-3 years I dint had any hope that I will get chance to fuck her so I only use to chat with her on sms when free and in just friendly way but later our friendship got even closer she started calling me on mobile when getting bore and we started sharing problems, views etc about daily life.

This went on and as her husband was busy business man and whole day aunty just use to do household work and work (Seve Kind) for her in-laws.

So she was totally bore with life and use to feel lonely.

We got closer and now not a single day use to pass without talking to each other on mobile.

She is 30 years old, married to a business man, having one boy age 4-5 years and living in joint family.

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