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Though atmospheric carbon is assumed to be consistent across the planet at any given time, it is known that levels of 14C in the atmosphere vary through time.Amounts of 14C are effected by the earth’s magnetic field, by solar flares, by major volcanic eruptions, and, in more recent centuries, by the burning of fossil-fuels and by nuclear detonations.

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For the past four years, I have spent summers with the National Park Service in Denali, Alaska and winters in Texas. Black has rightly described me as an itinerant archaeologist, and I describe myself as a generalist—one who is interested in learning about ancient hunter-gatherer people worldwide.

This interest meshes well with the thesis research path I have embarked on—learning how the radiocarbon record can be used to inform our understanding of the past, both in broad strokes and fine details.

Please note, there is no guarantee of additional capital investment within this call and S&F should provide evidence that the capability proposed can be delivered without any additional capital.

The assessment panel will meet in October 2018 (date to be confirmed).

Any submission which does not include the Case for Support form will not be considered.

In addition, a maximum of £5 million of transformative capital may be allocated for this round of commissioning.

Applicants are invited to include details of any additional capital investment needs for up to three scenarios of £1 million, £3 million and £5 million.

Capital requests should be proposed using the justification for transformational capital form and included within the submission.

These updates are part of my education—an exercise in articulating what I am learning, and an opportunity to share what I am learning with the archaeology community and invested public.

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