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So I restarted the computer, reconnected it to the computer, and manually opened i Tunes. If I had known this would've happened I never would've attempted to update to i OS 8...everything worked well together before. It seems i Pod will NOT go into recovery mode though.

What indicates (either in i Tunes or on screen of i Pod) that it's in recovery mode?

However, once I safely remove it from the computer and then reconnect it, i Tunes no longer recognizes the i Pod.

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I believe the error number was 4005, but I'm not totally sure.

Now the only thing that'll appear on the i Pod is the picture indicating it needs to be connected to i Tunes.

Update: I disconnected the i Pod and I tried resetting it (on/off switch home button) which I was able to do, but nothing changed... Reset worked fine (Apple logo appeared) but nothing changed in i Tunes.

Screen goes right back to indicating i Pod needs to be connected to i Tunes. I'm not worried about losing data since everything is backed up.

But be prepared to re-sync everything, hopefully you can at least install your backup to save a bit of headache.

When updating the two i Pads in the house to i OS 8 I had a bit of a hard time and had to put them into recovery mode to complete the process.

At first, i Tunes recognized the i Pod and the update appeared like it would complete successfully, but by the time i Tunes reached the "Waiting for i Pod" portion it could not complete the update.

An error message appeared claiming the i Pod could not be updated.

It's not shown in "Computer" dialog box at this point either though...

Should I just remove it from the computer and wait attempting the process all over again?

But my i Phone 5 had no problem at all going from i OS 7 to 8.

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