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Could the top contender be a show set in New York with Stassi?That LALATE report prompted an outpouring of excitement and support from fans of the shows.Schroeder went on to reveal that it took her a "few months" to process the breakup but these days, she and Patrick Meagher are back on good terms.

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The two connected via Twitter, began dating and later found true love.

Stassi BF Pictures Set 2 Stassi BF Photo 5 Stassi BF Photo 6 Stassi BF Photo 7 Stassi BF Photo 8 This season, Stassi was accused of fabricating the Jax-Kristen hookup, a claim later disproved.

She is the podcast host for the Straight Up with Stassi, fashion blogger for the Styleby as well as a model.

Patrick is professionally an artist based in New York City.

So, instead of a happy celebration, Schroeder and Meagher were involved in a fight that ultimately ended their relationship.

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