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And I had this Romeo And Juliet tour to get through – Cork, Dublin and Galway.' Now, Monica wishes she had kept a vigil instead of deciding the show must go on.'I remember the Russians dressing me – my tights, my shoes – and I was just sitting there like a rag doll.I remember saying, "My mam is dying, what am I doing here? I was trying to arrange tickets for Mam to come that night in her wheelchair.

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I couldn't see outside this ballet thing.' The experience has taught her to be kinder to her own students. It's been here for centuries; it will still be here when you get back." I wish I had spent more time with her,' she says, sadly.'All we have to give each other is time and by sending them abroad we're losing that. She sent off CVs looking for sponsorship – and was so grateful when Allianz stepped in that she even named her baby son after her contact in the insurance company.'He was absolutely shocked,' she laughs.'But I would probably have had to stop dancing unless I could go back and forth to Russia.

'If one of them comes to me and says, "My granny is sick", I say, "Go! I was so young – I was only 23, too young to start teaching. They go back to ballet size and they go off working.

'Damien thinks of him as his father now, which is fine by me.

I'm bringing Damien up alone and I don't think Robert has any qualms because when you're doing ballet at his level, there's no time for anything else.'Monica should know.

But, of course, she couldn't.'What I'll never forget is having a full breakdown in the wings in Galway, lying on the ground, screaming, crying. The music when Juliet dies was being played and I was screaming at my colleagues, "She's in Dublin, I'm in Galway – could anyone make this worse?

" Then we ran back on stage and finished the thing.

It was truly because of the sponsorship that I was able to keep into ballet and it was through ballet that I met Damien's father.''But all my friends in Russia have children. I'm only sorry I didn't do it sooner because I want to more. Though she and Robert planned to marry last summer, it never came to pass.

While wandering the streets of Warsaw on a visit with Damien to see his father last October, she came to a 'sad' realisation.

I went into the room and I didn't recognise the person sitting on the bed.

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