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"I get to be in a World War II movie, which has been my goal since I think I was, like, 6 years old.

But while Will Ferrell has appeared in 10 comedies over those years and Adam Sandler in seven, Myers’ most notable onscreen appearance was in a 2005 Hurricane Katrina relief special, during which he stood stiffly beside Kanye West as the rapper went off script, declaring, ”George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Now, like the cryogenically defrosted Powers, Myers, at age 45, is coming out of a state of pop culture suspended animation — and he’s hoping he still has his mojo.

With all the pomp of a political campaign, Myers has been trying to storm the zeitgeist in recent weeks with his newest character, a loony spiritual leader named Guru Pitka — appearing on the , opening June 20 and costarring Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake, Pitka travels to America in the hope of overtaking Deepak Chopra as the world’s most famous New Age icon. But to Myers, who regards Chopra as a friend and spiritual adviser, is not just a vehicle for a new set of catchphrases; it’s an effort to impart uplifting messages about love, joy, and self-acceptance.

Although the funnyman is still an A-lister, he needs a career makeover after the recent failure of and Tarantino could be just the man to give it to him.

Now, Myers is speaking about the role for the first time, and while discussing the sharp left turn with MTV News, he could hardly contain his boyish giddiness.

For the past five years, Mike Myers, the man who has brought forth such iconic comedic creations as couch-surfing slacker Wayne Campbell, swinging superspy Austin Powers and his nemesis Dr.

Evil, and the lovable ogre Shrek, has been all but invisible. Seuss adaptation — a film that critics lambasted as a hair ball — he has provided the voice of Shrek in two successful sequels.

”Mike’s one of the smartest people, but he does characters, not real people,” says one high-ranking studio executive.

”If the audience relates to the character — a goofball in his basement, like Wayne, or a James Bond send-up, like Austin Powers — you’re off to the races.

“Maybe he could open, like, a children’s hospital to clean up his rep,” she jokes darkly.

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