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Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.

Located in the northwest of the country on the Vltava River, the city is home to about 2 million in its larger urban area.

Lesser Quarter – one of Prague’s most historic sections with many Renaissance houses, baroque palaces and spacious squares.

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The Czech Republic is one of the most liberal countries in Central Europe when it comes to LGBT rights.

Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1962, and homosexual prostitution was decriminalised in 1990. In 2006, the country legalised registered partnerships for same-sex couples.

Ruzyně International Airport (PRG), located 20 km northwest of the city center, is served by a number of airlines with direct connections from European cities.

It normally takes about 30 minutes to reach the city center from the airport by car.

Pedestrians should enter crosswalks carefully in Prague, as drivers are not as likely to yield as they are in other European cities.

In the Czech Republic, it is illegal to cross at a pedestrian crossing on a red man.The city has a temperate climate, with warm summers and chilly winters.Prague has been a political, cultural and economic centre of central Europe complete with a rich history.The Airport Express will take you to the railway and subway station Dejvická and Masarykovo nádraží and end at Prague’s main train station Hlavní nádraží.Taxis are the most convenient way to reach the city center costing around 650 to 850 CZK.Prague city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.

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