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Upon her father's death, she became head (Oyabun) of his Yakuza crime family, Clan Yashida.She first met the X-Men when they returned from a sojourn in the Savage Land and were asked to help Japan, which was being blackmailed by the terrorist Moses Magnum.

She asked Wolverine to kill her to avoid a painful death and preserve her honor.

Wolverine killed her and vowed to avenge Mariko by yearly severing parts of Matsu'o's body on the anniversary of her death.

In the "Age of Apocalypse" timeline, Mariko was a member of the Human High Council, a group of humans that opposed Apocalypse's tyrannical rule.

While not engaged to Logan, Mariko was his former lover and she birthed him a daughter, Kirika, who is an amalgam of X-23 and her 616 daughter Amiko Kobayashi.

In doing so, Logan was convinced that Mariko would be honorbound to kill him for that and was prepared to die at her hands rather than harm her in self-defense.

However, Mariko explained her opinion of her father and presented the family katana to him as a token of her approval of him as an honorable warrior who is properly entitled to it.She was later used by him to maneuver Wolverine into participating in an assassination of a rival by having the superhero inadvertently provide a distraction while protecting his true love/girlfriend from the rival's own assassins.This also had the intended effect of deepening Mariko's disgust for Logan upon witnessing him going berserk in battle.Phaedra attempted to convince Wolverine to spare her life by offering to resurrect Mariko, but Wolverine refused.He stated he would pay any price to bring Mariko back, but he deeply loved Mariko because she was a better person than him in every way, and she would never accept life if it meant that someone as evil as Phaedra was allowed to live as well.Amiko and Mariko were at one point targeted by Ogun, one of Wolverine's old enemies, but the attack was averted by Wolverine and Kitty Pryde.

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