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Throw in a blockbuster novel about a group of upper-middle-class mothers of kindergartners roiled by sexual violence, class issues, ageism, and...murder!

(That'd be Liane Moriarty's 2014 .)The result is an HBO miniseries that, even in this big-budget, high-minded small-screen era, we've never seen before: a seven-part thriller that looks like a movie, feels like a movie—and packs enough woman power to populate the Oscars' front row—but grips like only episodic TV can.

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ZK: There has to be something positive that can come out of [the election].

Already it's helped me want to connect with everybody.

RW: We're all different ages; we come from different areas: Australian women, American women, women from New York, women from the South, women from the middle of the country. When [the characters] start out, we're very shut down, and as we get into the show, our connections start deepening at a human level.

We're all moms who are ferocious in our love and desires for our children.

Here, the insightful foursome sound off.fast-talking, gossip-collecting queen bee of insular Monterey, California.

Zoë Kravitz, 28, plays free-spirited, yoga-obsessed beauty Bonnie Carlson, who also happens to be married to Madeline's ex. two years ago, and she wrote so accurately about the interior lives of contemporary women.

And then I was on a movie set and the female producer handed me a book; she said, "My company's not going to buy this, but maybe you and [producing partner Bruna Papandrea] should buy ." We read it overnight and were both just like, "Oh my God!

" It has the juiciness of a crime, so that part pulls you forward and gets you invested in the characters.

But it was also about the complexity of being a working mom, coupled with issues like domestic violence and abuse, and blended families.

Bruna sent it to Nicole Kidman, and Nicole was like, "I want to play Celeste."RW: No.

Everybody involved was like, "You're Madeline." I was like, "I am?

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