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In fact, one of the most adorable things about him is his love for wife Emily Blunt.While the celeb couple mostly keep their personal life private (take a hint, Hollywood!Join us on Sunday, March 4, for the IMDb LIVE Viewing Party on at p.m. In place of a car chase or a battle scene, what you get is an extreme closeup of a woman breaking down.

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There's been so much talked about it politically that I think we've overlooked the human story of these six guys and what they did that night," he said of the premise, based on the 2013 book by Mitchell Zuckoff. In a drop of a hat they left and put their lives on the line, and were in my opinion, the true definition of heroism.

15."I think people think they know a lot about Benghazi because it's been in the news a lot...

You just didn't see it much." Colbert laughed and told Krasinski, "That show would have been successful if you only had."To get in shape for his role as CIA contractor Jack Da Silva, Krasinski said he had to put in "a lot of work" in very little time. I thought it would be like, 'Yeah, let's eat a couple Power Bars and do push-ups.' And he was like, 'No.

It's going to be a living hell for six to eight weeks.' We went two sessions a day with my trainer, Jason Walsh. He did Bradley Cooper in and all these great people." Krasinski said Walsh had him doing "two-a-days, pulling sleds, pushing weights. ' He was like, 'No, it's so much harder than that.' Like, 'You have to do 80 push-ups by tomorrow.'"? "She hates it," he said of the Golden Globe winner.

Looking back on all that the show gave him, he said, It's a little bit of an existential crisis after a while, because I wouldn't have met my wife, I wouldn't have been out in L. Truly, when I say the show has given me everything, it's given me everything. Especially since their first date wasn't exactly what you'd expect.

Apparently Emily Blunt and John Krasinski's first date was at a gun range!

I decided to investigate how this super-cute couple came to be.

And of course, the story is as perfect as you'd expect. I was like, "Oh god, I think I'm going to fall in love with her." As I shook her hand I went, "I like you."Krasinski also said, "It's one of those things where as soon as you meet someone you kind of know." Likewise, Blunt has said pretty great things about her husband.

I was like, ' I'm going to blow it right away and then that way you don't feel bad.'" []4. Then, I think people weren’t really sure what was going on, but they were crying because we were crying.

If I had to pick an all-time favorite fictional couple, it would probably be Pam and Jim from The Office. Although they're made-up TV characters, John Krasinski's real-life romance with Emily Blunt is equally adorable.

Before he was cast as Jim Halpert, he contemplated quitting acting.

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