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Colin has cleverly combined a number of research based human capital models into an integrated and holistic package that addresses the challenges of contemporary workforce strategy management and planning.He has given the term “strategy” a deeper meaning by adding substance to the rhetoric of strategic workforce planning and aligning workforce and business strategies.He designed and presented a SWP workshop that was over subscribed and attracted a record attendance for our workshop events with approximately 170 participants registered.

This resulted in some significant labour cost savings for the organisation, as well as paving way for out-of-the-box workforce solutions.

Iqbal Hassan - Head, HR Strategy & Analytics, Celcom Axiata Berhad Colin Beames ran a workshop on Strategic Workforce Planning for approximately 15 of our senior HR professionals during his UK visit in 2015.

He has developed presentation, analytical and interactive materials that form a sound and professional platform for engaging workshops and internal consultancy.

Together with his excellent books he has established himself as a global expert in this field.

The people factor is typically the highest cost item in the budget and the single largest driver of business outcomes.

However, many organisations are struggling with meeting these emerging needs.

Using even the most conservative estimate of 100k per person cost of loss, that equates to GBP1.5m of savings in one year.

A more realistic estimate to include cost of replacement, loss of productivity, loss of knowledge would put the saving closer to GBP10m.

Andrew Mayo, Professor of Human Capital Management at Middlesex University, Executive Board Member HR Society, UK I worked closely with Colin Beames (Advanced Workforce Strategies) when he was recently engaged by Celcom in Kuala Lumpur to advise the organisation on issues of strategic workforce planning, workforce segmentation and reconfiguration.

Colin interviewed all of the senior executives and ran workshops for both the Managers and HR professionals as part of an education and training program for those groups.

Combined with a number of other human capital models and their application, Colin has taken Strategic Workforce Planning to a heightened level of thought leadership and sophistication.

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