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This success leaded to many foreign adaptations, to cash in on the show's popularity and give some local flavor.

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Police believe she was looking for her friends sleeping on the 10th floor.

The report, written in Spanish but translated by Mail Online, says: 'We believe she left her apartment 9A dressed but barefoot with the intention of entering the apartment of a female friend to ask her for medicine because she felt unwell, or simply to see one of her female friends.'Drafted by Benidorm National Police's Specialised and Violent Crime UDEV force, it concludes: 'The swimming pool is just below the balcony.'She could have thought that if she jumped she would fall into the water, given that from height it appears that the swimming pool is just below the balcony.'The report makes it clear that police think alcohol played a contributing factor in Mrs Maxwell's death plunge.

In the police report, Mr Bailey, who told police he didn't take cocaine but admitted some of his friends had, said he heard Mr Graham shout out that Mrs Maxwell was in the apartment and had jumped.

A lawyer for the Maxwell family has claimed the hen party reveller was in a 'state of terror ' and felt she had no choice but to jump after she had drunkenly entered the flat.

Mr Graham's defence lawyer Roberto Sanchez told Mail Online: 'No-one is disputing the fact Joseph Graham took cocaine or had been drinking before Kirsty Maxwell walked into that apartment.'The fact a cigarette of the type he smokes was by the balcony she went over doesn't incriminate him in any way.

'He could have been about to smoke it by the window when she walked through the door unexpectedly.'The report revealed Mr Graham, a £49,000 a year worker with Amazon, opened the door to Mrs Maxwell who had walked up a flight of stairs from her flat below.The judge also said no one had heard any screams from Mrs Maxwell and she had no defence injuries on her body or injuries that could have been caused by anything other than her fall."She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens Till her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes What was she to do, where was she to go She was out on her fanny So over the bridge from Flushing, to the Sheffields' door She was there to sell makeup, but the father saw more She had style, she had flair, she was there That's how she became The Nanny!" as well as a conversation with Twiggy's adolescent daughter. Perhaps one of the greatest successes this show had was its big and colorful cast, ranging from the sarcastic British Butler to the Jewish Mother.The show was immensely popular in many countries outside USA (Argentina, Australia, Chile and Russia, to name a few), even getting the "the most viewed program" spot in some.Happily married: Kirsty, pictured with husband Adam, had been drinking with 20 friends on a hen party in the raucous resort and returned to her bedroom on the 9th floor of the Apartmentos Payma around 4am on April 29The harrowing details emerged in a 39-page police report compiled shortly after her death in the Costa Blanca resort in March.

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