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"He has such a life, such an electric energy, and that's what makes this character so terrifying."Cohan later promised that this year's finale will deliver "a lot of emotion", calling it "incredibly bittersweet, beautiful, and heartbreaking". It's possible – even Daryl is at risk of the chop if Gale Ann Hurd is to be believed, while series creator Robert Kirkman warned that Negan "is going to be an ever-present, constant threat that is going to change everything moving forward"."Ever-present" is right – with Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirming that his character's going nowhere any time soon, and will be sticking around for season eight.

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Before she left to go on a supply run with Heath last season—a tidy way to temporarily write pregnant actress Alanna Masterson off the show—Tara told Denise she loved her.

Soon after, Denise took an arrow right through the eye. It sparked outrage among some fans, because it played right into a troublesome TV trope: “Bury Your Gays”—or, more specifically, “Dead Lesbian Syndrome.” And it came just as discussion of the trend had come to a head.

Adding fuel to the fire is how the death scene plays out exactly as it does in the show's graphic novel counterpart - the difference being the comic kills off male character Abraham (played in the series by Michael Cudlitz), not Denise.

It's also being argued that this trope - also known as "Dead Lesbian Syndrome" - is heightened by the way in which Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) managed to survive a bullet to the eye in episode nine while the arrow to Denise's eye kills her instantly.

From there on, the show's endured a ratings dip in the US and a mixed reception from fans and critics.

But we were soon promised that season 7B would be "very different" in pace and tone. If this season operates like most before it, that means the bodies might start piling up very soon—but this Sunday’s episode, like those before it, has been a slow burn.True, we finally saw a few faces we’d almost forgotten—and thus were forced to once again think about one of the most disappointing aspects of Season 6."Certain events are going to decide what sides people take – and it's not going to be a clear division.There are some people who are going to go to the dark side that'll take you by surprise, and there are some people who are going to come over to the light."New ally Ezekiel – the charismatic leader of a community known as The Kingdom and keeper of a pet tiger named Shiva – will continue to be a major force.(The full explanation is here, but the gist is pretty simple: on TV, gay people don’t get to live happily ever after, if they live at all.) In the comics, the death that befell Denise was actually meant for Abraham—who, we now know, had to stay alive in the show so that he could be sacrificed in the Season 6 finale/Season 7 premiere.

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