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I also tried Last Known Good Config and nothing, also tried a restore point but it doesnt have one.Finally i went into the CMD prompt through a windows repair disk i have and noticed that instead of the usual "C:\Windows" it instead had "X:\Windows\System32".I am really confused about capitalization of variable names in statistics.

If you have knowledge of Javascript you can easily implement your own scripts to the bot, and if you're not, asking on the forum and there's usually someone to help you very quickly.

The Dev team is amazing and keeps fixing bugs and adding new features that's been requested.

The default embedded database, SQLite3, takes care of everything behind the scenes in an on-disk database which is easily managed with SQLite Manager. It means the source code is there for you to tinker with. Your only limit is your imagination, and a little bit of Java and Java Script knowledge. You can stay on the bleeding edge of Phantom Bot and use the Nightly Build, full of new features that the developers are cranking out for the community.

If you have My SQL experience, Phantom Bot plugs right in and you can manage the database using your favorite tools. Fully customizable language settings takes care of that. How about a completely configurable adventure system? With a wide variety of games, gambling options, raffles, and other distractions, Phantom Bot will keep your chat entertained during those times when you have your head down in a game and need a few moments to power through a few things. You can also take advantage of our steady release schedule, stable releases come out on a fairly consistent basis and ensure that Phantom Bot doesn't grow stale. Sometimes a splash on the screen is missed by users that are lurking and eating some hot wings at the same time, but chat lasts forever. You can also give them a few currency points in your chat for games, song requests, giveaways, raffles, or whatever else you are using your currency for.

They are two different characters and they mean two different things and just because they have the same name when read out loud doesn't mean anything.

By convention, a lot of the time we give random variables names which are capital letters from around the end of the alphabet.

Want to have a spooky sound that your viewers can trigger? Our rich configuration allows you to decide what types of Tweets to pull down, be it everything that everyone posts to your wall or just the Tweets that you post. Also included, a webpage that anyone can access to see what songs are coming up next.

I found Phantombot a long time ago, I had certain criterias I wanted for a bot, and phantombot met all of them.

I typed in "regedit" then clicked on "Local Machine" then on "File" "Load Hive" to see what drives were on.

It was there that i realized the PC was booting to a X:\ drive instead of the C:\ where the OS is. System Specs ------------------ I'm a little confused, you posted that you get a BSOD and the computer restarts.

Want a bot that moderates like a dictator, or that is as kind as a babysitter? Reward your viewers from Game Wisp, Streamlabs and Stream Tip! Use our customizable alerts with images and audio clips to keep things exciting! Phantom Bot allows you to tie into your Game Wisp account to allow you to recognize those awesome folks that subscribe to you. Phantom Bot provides You Tube integration through the Phantom Bot You Tube Player.

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