Hoda kotb dating 2016

"Goldie’s thoughts are that if you want to keep your man for decades, like she has, you give them space to be men," a friend of the two previously explained.

"Which includes being with other women." However, it’s also part of the reason they never wed.

Another one of my favorite home shopping hosts is leaving the airwaves: HSN veteran Diana Perkovic.

We missed the news, but one of our astute readers tipped us off.

"They fight when Goldie changes her mind after construction has started and wants everything torn up and redone.

This drives Kurt crazy." The home's design specifically aligns with Goldie and Kurt's differing interests.

Similarly, Kurt is a dad to a 37-year-old son, Boston, with his ex-wife, Season Hubley, who he divorced in 1983.

But today, after all this time together, Kurt and Goldie are starting to need a little space!

We thank Diana for a great 13 years on the air at HSN and wish her the very best of luck in the forseeable future.” Oddly enough, that message wasn’t posted by Perkovic but rather by a dude named Justin Floyd.

And this character kept re-posting that message when Perkovic’s fans expressed dismay that she was exiting. “Diana, originally from Toronto, Canada, debuted on HSN in 1999,” it says.

"He loves hunting, and she hates it with a passion.

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