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Barb decides to start working at the gym with Christine, while Christine falls hard for Ritchie's new teacher, Mr. The season finale included Richard sleeping with Christine after breaking up with New Christine yet again.

The fifth and final season, consisting of 21 episodes, premiered on September 23, 2009.

Barb is released from custody and marries Richard so that she can stay in the country.

Christine has a brief fling with Burton Schaefer, her on-and-off romantic interest, but they soon break up due to Christine not being able to commit to the relationship.

In the season finale, Christine kisses Richard, causing him to tell New Christine, who promptly breaks up with him.

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The third season was scheduled as a midseason replacement on CBS with 13 episodes scheduled. Harris have a good relationship, until Christine's schedule becomes too hectic midway through the season; so they eventually break up.

Due to the 2007 writer's strike, the third season consists of only 10 episodes. Meanwhile, Richard and New Christine buy a house together, which coincidentally is Christine's dream house, leaving her feeling jealous and confused.

It originally ran on CBS from March 13, 2006 to May 12, 2010 but the series was not renewed for a sixth season.

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