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If you want to settle down, but he wants to keep things casual, you’re clearly not on the same page and trying to change his mind probably won’t work.Hooking up is fun, but there is so much more to a relationship.Hanging out and going on dates is awesome, but a true connection goes beyond getting dinner and going to a movie.

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Maybe you just need to get to know each other better, or maybe he has no interest in getting to know you on that level.

If that’s the case, you deserve so much better, and you need to find someone who wants that deep connection. But if it does go badly, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of your relationship.

Maybe he’s just not ready to call you his girlfriend because he wants to get to know you a little better, or maybe he has no intention of making you his girlfriend at all.

It can be tough to tell the difference, but you need to pay attention and figure out if he’s just hanging out with you because he wants someone to hook up with or if he actually wants a relationship in the future.

Is this just going to be a fling..is this something real?

It can be hard to tell, especially when you really like someone.Do you feel comfortable opening up to him about your deepest secrets? To be happy in a relationship, you need to develop a strong emotional connection that runs deeper than cute dates and exciting hook ups.If you want to commit to him, you need to ask yourself if that connection is really there.Introducing a potential boyfriend to your friends and family is always a little bit nerve-wracking. What if they think you have bad taste because you’re interested in him? Your family and friends know you better than anyone, so you should pay attention to their judgment.Sure, maybe they’re being a little harsh or unfair if they decide they can’t stand him right off the bat..maybe they just see something in him that you haven’t picked up on yet.Even if he doesn’t understand all the rules of the game, he should still come out to your games and cheer you on.

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