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In our culture that fact has been lost, with our media blasting us daily with messages about how to become more attractive to others.

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A mission that no one else would embark on because of the dangers and almost certain death. They’re in the group because they’d rather fight than be a prisoner. Skip ahead an hour or so towards the end of the film, and they’re faced with a very difficult decision: Captured by the cunning enemy, they either renounce their beliefs, and live. The one’s that do renounce are told that they’re going to be given a home and LIFE. As the horses are whipped, they begin to walk, stretching his body from opposing sides in the process. How can he support his children when his judgement is clouded by fear? It can be very simple and – to someone else – small and inconsequential. Are you not going up to that beautiful girl and telling her so, because you’re afraid of rejection? Conquering our fear letting these fears hold you back from living a great life.

Back to the movie…A man and his crew of soldiers, mercenaries, and criminals set out on a mission. How can he support his girlfriend or wife when he’s just as scared as she is, and he’s not willing to face those fears? Are you not going on that life-changing trip because you’re scared of dying on a plane?

Sure, people knock off a few years here or there and might use a picture that’s six months out of date, but, if someone has minimal information about themselves or one grainy picture be aware that they might not be who they say they are.

Leave a paper trail As tempting as it may be to rush into the first date before really getting to know each other online, gathering some basic information about your date is important.

If you are not there yet, either physically or emotionally, and need more time… If you have not known each other long or feel that you need to experience one another without sex first, that is a very normal and sound reason to decline sex.

For most people (women especially) an emotional connection is a vital precursor to physical intimacy.♦ Lack of physical attraction. We all take this personally but really physical attraction is all about the .

If you step out of alignment and ignore your boundaries, that’s when you find yourself in a relationship wondering, “How did it get like this?

” One step off your path and the next thing you know you are bushwhacking through someone else’s jungle wondering what happened. ”• “What am I looking to have happen in this relationship?

• “I didn’t want him to stop liking me.”• “I figured she’d think something was wrong with me.”• “I thought we were supposed to.”• “But he really wanted to, so….”It is heartbreaking to me that so many people, of all ages, do not realize that it is their right to say no to sex—at any stage of a relationship.

In new relationships, people’s attitudes about having sex … are all wrapped up in fear, insecurity, societal programming, short-term thinking, and much more.

First, let’s look at the reality of no—why men and women decline sexual advances early in a relationship.

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