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This wiki is a collection of notes, tips, and tricks related to the migration to the Maven build system for the KISS/9.0 release.

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Probably will be useful with targets like dev-sync.

The normal reset-all takes care of this implicitly by calling Maven once at the start of the build and then skipping it on subsequent calls in the same ant run.

In general this is great because it prevents developers from accidentally forgetting to run unit tests and submitting bad code.

However, it may be necessary to skip tests under some circumstances; for example if there are sporadic/environmental failures, or if you need to build your component even though some unrelated test is failing.

If you would like to attempt to install Maven by hand here is a discussion which includes some suggestions Available in apt-get/yum package managers.

If anyone is still building the server on Windows they can please fill in these details.As mentioned in the section covering the migration from Ant, most developers can simply continue to use Ant and the build process will trigger Maven when required.However, Java developers are encouraged to use new features provided by Maven to streamline their workflow.Consider a multi-module application with a considerable amount of code in each of several projects.Many developers have experienced the delays involved in waiting for Eclipse™ to build code across all of these projects even though development is only being conducted in one isolated part of the application (maybe just one or two projects).To leverage this advantage, Apache Ivy DE has the ability to add a project reference to a dependency located in the workspace in place of downloading its published artifact(s) from the repository.

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