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We lead the industrialized world in murder, rape and violent crime.

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If you want a theme text for this sermon series, Proverbs -21 says this. There is church smart, there is book smart, there is school smart, and then there is street smart. I want to encourage you to open your Bible every time you’re reading one of these sermons.

These sermons will not be nearly as helpful to you without your Bible.

I am just saying that if you really want to get to the root problem of crime, you’re not going to solve it in Washington, D. That’s probably the worst place in all of America to solve that problem.

The real answer to the perils of our times is that we simply must become more civilized, and the best way to become more civilized is to inculcate virtue in our children.

In those sections there are famous poems and short stories that illustrate what the virtue of perseverance, or compassion, or faith, or hard work looks like in real life.

It is interesting that out of all the things that are being sold today, this thick book should be a best seller.We have raised a generation without a moral conscience. A virtue is a universally agreed-upon standard of moral and ethical behavior, like honesty, like compassion. If we want to change America, what we have to do is go back to the basics, back to things like character and virtue.What has really happened all around us is that our society has lost the concept of absolute standards.Even such a liberal icon as Newsweek Magazine came out about with it two months ago, on June 13, 1994, in their cover story.This is what really what got my mind moving toward this sermon series.I imagine that many of you know who William Bennett is.

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