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And so I never felt the desire to be with any of them in the long run.In order for men to fall in love with you and take you as their life partner, they MUST see that you have everything from this list.She did not think much of it at first but it became clear as she left him 6 voicemails over the next few days feeling concerned that something might have happened to him. You have no idea why they are leaving you and you assume the worst about yourself. She was relieved and angry at the same time for not knowing this information before because it could have saved her many heartaches.

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When I started to talk to Laura, it became very clear why she was unable to connect with high-quality men.

I say high quality because yes there is no shortage of men and but most men do not qualify to be high-quality men, the kind of men who become great lovers, great husbands, great dads and above all great life partners.

The Number 1 Dating Screw-Up You Don’t Realize You’re Making And Driving Away A Perfect Guy? I have trained thousands of men to date and marry amazing women over the past 8 years.

This is how I know scenarios and triggers that draw people together and those that repel them.

This happened despite the fact that I know about this list and how it works.

Heck, I even taught this to few selected female clients which made it possible for them to attract the man they desired and marry him.

It is frustrating when the guy who is dating you and seeing you regularly is still not opening up to you or trusting and committing to you. Whereas your focus has shifted to bring permanency in your relationship. It will only bring him feelings of being trapped in a relationship and this will scare him away.

The only time a relationship will succeed is when he wants you as much as you want him.

She is my world and I cannot see myself with any other woman.

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