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Remember to put the effort in to making your dating site work for you.

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So sometimes "Windows Update" and "Automatic Updates" just refer to the same thing, i.e.

To come back to my starting point, why does NAP distinguish between Automatic Updates and Windows Update?

But there is a workaround to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10.

Follow the steps below,1) Search for in Cortana/Search box and open it.2) Find Windows Update in the services list.3) Double click Windows Update services.

Note that even if Automatic Updates is activated, the client might not have the latest updates installed, for example if it wasn't online for some time.

In my view, Microsoft's terminology is quite confusing.

When it comes to dating online, UK-based singles face a new and buzzing scene online.

There’s no longer any need to choose between free dating sites and premium services.

Ironically enough, if you could take the best of those women and the best of those men, and place them in a big room where they could sit at a table and ask each other questions in person – you’d probably have 4 or 5 new match-ups by the end of the night.

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