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And such unworthy features as cowardice and ingratitude were also despised.

For example, even the wedding dress itself, which was made of traditional red fabric could arouse envy, attract an "evil eye"; therefore, it was supposed to protect the bride by all possible means.

To escape alien eyes the bride wore a cape covering her head along with amulets and charms which were believed to possess guarding forces.

(Press freedoms are severely curtailed in both Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan).

Portraits of the president hang everywhere, prominently in the Palace of Creativity in Ashgabat, where writers met with editors of various magazines and newspapers.

There is a number of national by-words about this: " Before building a home find out who thy neighbor is", "If your neighbor is happy you will be happy too", "First of all take care of your neighbor", "A neighbor next door is better than a brother far way".

Weddings are hub for Turkmen traditions and customs where one can learn a lot from numerous customs and ceremonials.

Despite its sumptuous furnishing, the library, built in 2011, seemed to house few books other than Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s selected writings and no readers, at the time IWP visited.

The arts in Turkmenistan are closely overseen by the government, the writers soon learned.

A kerchief was the most valuable prize to win during men's contests. Only certain "lucky" days which were suitable for cutting and sewing of a wedding dress.

The well-being of the bride depended on this to the great extent.

It is considered as acceptable not to help them, to argue with them, to look at them frowningly or to show discontent, to wait for their gratitude for the rendered service or to remind of it. Turkmen saying runs: "Gold and silver do not grow old, the father and mother are priceless".

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