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Also called A photograph of unusually large proportions in which objects are shown life-size or larger. Also, a photograph that enlarges a small object, often taken through a microscope, revealing details not visible to the unaided eye.Click here to see examples, courtesy of A copy of a book assembled from parts taken from one or more defective copies of the same edition, or a copy in which imperfections are corrected by adding or substituting parts taken from other copies of the same a subject list (with title index) of over 8,000 English-language periodicals, selected by the editors from over 170,000 possibilities as the most useful for the average public, academic, government, school, or special library.

A method of indexing in which a computer is programmed to select possible descriptors from a thesaurus of preferred terms based on the analysis of words and phrases appearing in the title and/or text of a work.

Each suggestion is evaluated by a human indexer and either accepted or rejected.

Dat kan, de mus heeft het niet gemakkelijk tegenwoordig, vooral niet in de grote stad.

Misschien heb je al gehoord, dat de huismus op de Rode Lijst van bedreigde vogelsoorten staat.

Most magazines are issued monthly or weekly for sale at newsstands, in bookstores, and by subscription.

Click here to explore magazines published for women in Victorian England (British Library) and here to see an 1862 issue of the British humor magazine : children's magazine, electronic magazine, general interest magazine, hybrid journal, newsmagazine, special interest magazine, women's magazine, and zine."Macs" remain popular in desktop publishing and graphic design because of the usability of the interface.In libraries, Macs are used mainly in the children's room and curriculum room. In computing, a method of customizing user input in which a series of recorded keystrokes, commands, or menu options is assigned a brief name or key combination (usually Ctrl or Alt plus a specific character) to enable the user to execute a predetermined sequence of steps quickly by simply typing the name or key combination.The family of computers introduced by Apple in 1984 that popularized the graphical user interface (GUI), setting a precedent for the design of user-friendly graphical applications and operating systems that other software companies like Microsoft were quick to follow.Although Apple commands only 5 percent of the market for desktop computers, the company produces the largest series of non-IBM-compatible personal computers.By 1971, the MARC format had become the national standard for dissemination of bibliographic data and by 1973, an international standard.

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