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This site includes an easy to understand history of 19th century photographic techniques, along with photographic examples.

Photo Tree has an archive of 1,000 photos that you can use to compare your photo and help yourself figure out the date a photograph was taken.

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Plain backs with the photographer's name on the lower front, some like this occur from about 1889.

Many cabinet card seem to date from the 1880s and 1890s 1900 and after Wide sleeved blouses were still worn for a few years, but for many this was the era of the blouse and simple skirt and straw boater hat, and wide hats for special occasions.

The following are some steps to consider in identifying your old photos.

A few years back, I was involved in selling scrapbook supplies.

I find it helpful to use a web site as a reference point.

Photo Tree, is a website dedicated to 19th century photography.

The following are some steps to consider in identifying your old photos: Identifiers Besides a name written on the back of a photo, there are several identifiers that can help you in your quest.

Some things to look for in a photo are: Photographic Process When you look at the photo, one way to date its origin is by determining the photographic process that was used to create it.

The ladies look like they are wearing heavy furnishing rather than dresses.

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