Dating game contestant sentenced

“Twenty One” may have been the first game show scandal, but it was certainly far from the last.

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The Orange County District Attorney’s Office reveals photographs Alcala had taken of girls and women at Alcala has been held in custody since his arrest in 1979.

To date, he has received his third conviction for the murder of 12-year-old Robin Samsoe, who was last seen riding her bike to ballet practice in June 1979.

Former Los Angeles Police Department cold case detective Cliff Shepard tells PEOPLE that the charges in the Wyoming homicide don’t surprise him.

“I am sure there are other victims out there,” he says.

When it was revealed that the hugely popular 1950s quiz show “Twenty One” was rigged, it changed television game shows in the United States permanently.

Congress passed amendments to the Communications Act of 1934, the game show genre lay dormant for decades and Robert Redford made a little film documenting the whole sordid affair.Alcala is also believed to be involved in two murders that occurred in New York State in July 15, 1977, in which a 23-year-old restaurant heiress, Ellen Jane Hover, vanished after leaving her apartment in Manhattan.Her bones were found buried near the Rockefeller estate in Westchester County a year later, according to authorities.Alcala, a former photographer and typesetter for the , was previously convicted of the strangulation murder of a 12-year-old ballet student in Huntington Beach, California, as well as four Los Angeles-area women.He was nicknamed the “Dating Game Killer” because he was the winning contestant on the ABC prime-time game show in 1978 during his reign of terror.“I think the last thing he would have guessed is that somewhere up in Wyoming a case like this would be solved.” A rancher found Thornton’s body in a field in 1982, but her identity remained a mystery for more than three decades.

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