Dating flight attendants

I’m hurtling towards France on the Eurostar train out of London.Although I usually make an effort to look business casual when I travel, this time I’ve gone all out: freshly shaven, perfectly pressed tailored shirt, cologne applied liberally.

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Many couples in a good place haven’t taken the time to travel together, and that’s a shame; it’s necessary to discover quirks about yourselves, and to see how well you can stand your partner when you can’t escape.

Stopovers give you a full day or two with nothing but time together: meals, downtime, dating time, exercise, leisure activities. The fact remains that time isn’t really the deciding factor when it comes for men or women to date flight attendants, it’s money.

Stopovers are a test on both of you, as it requires planning; she may be exhausted or sick and not want to do anything but sleep when you first arrive (fortunately, my girlfriend is so full of energy 24/7 it’s quite remarkable).

You have to make the effort to get a bus or plane to see her in a different city and forego work if her arrival is on a weekday.

I’m not pretending I have all the answers, or I’m completely satisfied with so little time together; for now, it works, and I’m happy. Other than the fact she and I constantly travel due to the nature of our work, the fact she is a flight attendant is kind of irrelevant to the relationship.

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The loudspeaker comes to life, announcing our impending arrival at Gare du Nord.

No time for nostalgia when we pull in, just a quick visit to currency exchange to get the coins I need for the metro and I’m off again.

I should point out that these paid stopovers are much less common for FAs with domestic routes.

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