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s actions at Guadalcanal are mentioned and seen in the movie Flying Leathernecks.

For the next year, the escort carrier trained carrier pilots at San Diego, an unglamorous but vital contribution to victory.

Long Island was reclassified CVE-1 on 15 July 1943.

Touching at Fiji on 13 August, she then steamed to a point 200 mi (170 nmi; 320 km) southeast of Guadalcanal and launched her aircraft (19 Grumman F4F Wildcats and 12 Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bombers).

These planes, the first to reach Henderson Field, were instrumental in the Guadalcanal campaign and went on to compile a distinguished war record. Reclassified ACV-1 on 20 August, Long Island sailed for Efate Island, New Hebrides, and arrived on 23 August.

Last week, we reported on the events that led to the tragic death of Amber Lynn Costello.

Now, Christine Pelisek and Roja Heydarpour talk to the family and boyfriend of Melissa Barthelemy about her final hours, uncover the escort agency she worked for, and reveal what she had in common with another victim, Megan Waterman.

She told her family she was stripping at a club, but business was slow.

Her goal was to make enough money to return to Buffalo and open a hair salon.

On 17 July 1965, she had a serious fire and was towed to St John's, Newfoundland.

She was repaired and started her last voyage on 13 September 1966.

USS Long Island (CVE-1) (originally AVG-1 and then ACV-1) was lead ship of her class and the first escort carrier of the United States Navy.

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