Living sex web cam finders - Dating elgin watches by serial number

Hopefully this will at least help and guide you along the way.

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Now as a sense check only I would next go to e Bay or other shopping sites online.

There you will be able to see if there are similar watches for sale and get indicative prices.

I have received many requests to value watches on this website.

Honestly that is an impossible thing to achieve, so instead I have created an Elgin pocket watch appraisal article for you to read.

Please be aware many people on auction sites, always over value their watches, so this should only ever be used as a guide. Hopefully for you it is at the higher end of the value chain.

This is a good starting point in your initial For genuine collectors like me, the only thing and the only details I am interested in, are those of the movement.

Once I know those details then the next thing I want to know is does it run, does it keep time and how accurate it is?

After that in terms of value, I would like to know do you have the original box.

Sorry for the reality check but always better to think on the low side and maybe be pleasantly surprised.

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