Dating billiard balls dating bucket

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The side of the box also has, in large black imprinted letters 0000 and then 2.25" and then another set of 0000. The balls themselves have a lot of crazing and cracks on them.

The balls must have been left outside because they were quite dirty and had small leaves around the balls.

I'd be suprised if this were worth anything except as decoration. Roger (always thought it was Mark "Oh" rather than Mark "zero" until I went to type it.

thanks, dwhite I'll let you know if I ever post pics or maybe a cad drawing of the box.

The numbers appear to have black ink in the grooves which is partially worn off. I think this is routine, but if not I can tell you what else it says. It seems as if it is designed so that the chalk side is supposed to sit face down on the table.

This could be dirt, but I didn't want to scrub them too hard, or use something like the magic eraser that would probably remove ink. AMERICAN STANDARD Billiard and Pool Tables 16 Fourth Ave. 8th St., NEW YORK On the same side of the box as this label, at either end, are the numbers 0000 about 3/4" high. One of the chalks is just a National Tournament Chalk. In this position, the top has black paper on it and has a domed shape.I can't tell if these are some kind of composite, or clay. They sound like early clay balls from description but not sure.Is there a quick and easy way to identify clay balls without harming them??? One of the chalks looked very old, had a black paper wrap on it, and was from Italy. ed Bob - I picked up that set of balls this morning.If I dropped a ball on the floor, some of these balls would certainly crack further, or might even break apart.The numbers had no ink on them, but were engraved into the ball.I'll offer without seeing them based on your description. Some of the old chalk is worth that depending on type and condition. Some random observations that might help tell what I have?

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