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I love chaperoning my hot, young wife Melissa on dates I set up for her. Melissa needs the company and attention of other men. I noticed my Mel flirting with other men before we were married.

That flirting caused a bit of a strain in our relationship at first.

"You like the idea of other men putting their hands all over your wife don't you? "See baby I'm totally turned on by the idea of other men fucking your brains out right in front of me." "Show me how turned on you are dirty boy." my wife purred. Feeling an amazing pressure build in my dirty ball sack, I knew I'd be spilling sperm soon.

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As I stated before the idea of my young, sweet wife being intimate with other men does not bother me at all.

In fact as I lay next to Melissa in bed discussing our new plan, I could feel my limp dick getting big. " I rolled on my back and flashed my full eight inch erection to Mel.

Why can’t you just talk about stuff like this and it be normal. more a post I found today and we think it is part of the ongoing evloution of the cuckolding phenomenonan article by Harry Bunting "Re-Thinking Masculinity" Dose this mean the BULLS - Alpha Males are...

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